Village Power Finance

Village Power develops, finances and manages green power installations for community organizations. The projects are capitalized by community members, and, where needed, outside investors, who reap the benefits of a steady revenue stream from a dependable “green” asset.

Village Power leads the project through its entire life cycle, which we break into three phases:

Phase I: Educate & Organize
We begin by educating community leaders how community organizations can finance a green energy project – e.g. solar, battery, energy efficiency, etc. – with locally sourced “community capital,” creating a “win” for all parties. We equip and support interested community members with the tools to identify, educate, and recruit potential investors.

Phase II: Fund & Construct
When enough money to pay for the facility has been pledged, we create a new company to own the green energy asset(s) then engage qualified contractors to install the system. We also create and manage all of the contracts that govern the financing of the Project, using our web-based account management system. In this way, investors can do everything from funding their investments, to e-signing documents, to checking system performance and account status.

Phase III: Manage Asset and Finances
Once the Project is constructed, Village Power manages the system, monitors performance and handles any warrantee claims or similar issues. Village Power handles all of the financial, legal and tax issues, including yearly distributions to investors. The web platform provides complete transparency so all stakeholders can have a clear, real-time understanding of the Project’s performance.