Management Teams

Madison Parker Capital does not directly manage the companies in which it invests. Our professionals are active as board members of portfolio companies, and we provide management teams with know-how and experience to:

Develop strategic plans: We work in collaboration with management to develop strategic plans for growth.

Identify and negotiate acquisitions: We assist management in identifying complementary acquisition opportunities. Once an acquisition candidate has been selected, we actively participate in structuring, negotiating, financing and executing the transaction.

Recruit additional management: When portfolio companies require additional management expertise, we use our vast relationships to assist in identifying and recruiting qualified candidates.

Finance growth: We are committed to providing capital for growth, taking a lead role in structuring and arranging credit facilities, bank debt, mezzanine debt and other types of financing.

Realize value: we are a long-term investor, with average holding periods from three to seven years. When a decision has been made to exit a portfolio investment, we work closely with management to fully realize the value that has been created. Typical paths to liquidity include a sale, recapitalization or public offering.