Your phone is a terrific computer but listening on it can be a challenge. No longer. SonicCloud’s groundbreaking technology captures your unique Hearing Fingerprint and personalizes each and every sound to the way you hear.

Everyone needs to hear with more clarity and definition, especially those with some hearing challenges. They could be profound, or you might have sat too close to the speakers at one of those Metallica concerts.

Based on your Hearing Fingerprint, SonicCloud’s system breaks each call down to its smallest parts, optimizes it, and puts it back together. Each ear then gets a different sonic signal which has been digitally optimized for your exact Hearing Fingerprint. Each call is different, too – children’s voices and foreign accents need special calibration. So do noisy restaurants and windy streets.

Whether you’re walking down the street, in a deafening restaurant, in the back of an Uber, subjected to airport announcements, struggling to hear one of those quiet talkers, or have some form of hearing loss, you’ll always be able to experience a crystal clear phone conversation with SonicCloud.

Explore our revolutionary phone technology that tunes every call precisely to how you hear.