Ipath footwear and apparel was started in 1999 on the raw, urban streets of San Francisco and reached to the back alleys of New York City all the way to the hipster metropolitan cities of Japan. It was the perfect mix of skateboarding, music and art all meshed together to form a lifestyle brand that explored the board sports culture. The Search and Enjoy lifestyle was spread through all things Ipath. The idea was to promote the soul ride, remaining true to yourself and following your path to lead you in any direction. The concept has always been to take premium casual and classic footwear and re-mix it with a lifestyle spin.

As the brand continues to evolve and grow, we will work hard to lift one another up and create positive change in the quest for the perfect ride. Ipath is passion and the true feeling of living your dreams; we’re committed to making the world a better place through manufacturing processes, social responsibility, giving back where we can and aligning ourselves with partners that share the same philosophy. Fifteen years after we began, we are pushing more now than ever to awaken the inner Global Nomad that lives in all of us; so un-plug, get outside, get one more push, find the perfect set, ride that unchartered spine and Search and Enjoy.

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