When your hair is wet, it becomes extremely weak and prone to damage – it loses 57% of its normal strength. This is when the damage occurs that is the root cause of many hair problems (such as frizz and even hair loss). Wet hair stretch and swells, leading to cuticle lift, erosion, and fiber fracture. It’s important to get it dry fast, but with as little friction as possible. Less friction = less frizz. Aquis has invented an innovative fabric that, when wrapped around your hair, quickly wicks away far more water than a traditional cotton bath towel…9X faster! The result? Healthier hair that needs far less time under damaging heat tools. Traditional bath towels dry hair unevenly, leading to damage during styling, not to mention the rubbing of hair with cotton towels actually creates friction which further damages cuticles.

Aquis, located in San Francisco, California, was the brainchild of Britta Cox who has long blond hair worn in a natural beachy style. As an entrepreneur Britta was also super busy and always travelling so found it hard to keep her hair looking and feeling beautiful using conventional towels and dryers. Working with a Korean lab, Britta developed Aquitex, a uniquely absorbent fabric that wicks water away without the friction damage from rubbing your hair dry. Just wrap it up and Aquis does the rest. The rest as they say is haircare history.