Intermediaries play a critical role in our success. We are deeply grateful to the investment bankers, independent sponsors, business brokers, and other deal intermediaries who provide us with private equity investment opportunities. We pay finders fees to buy-side intermediaries and welcome such investment opportunities. As a boutique-style private equity firm, we are agile enough to:

Provide a timely response: Each investment opportunity receives thorough consideration and a timely response from our investment professionals. The Managing Partners have full discretion over investment decisions and are, therefore, able to act quickly and decisively.

Work closely with industry executives and advisors: We work closely with corporate executives, private investors, investment bankers, accountants, lawyers and other intermediaries as needed. We also honor investment banking and referral fees that result from completed transactions.

Offer flexible and creative financing: We have the financial resources and flexibility to structure transactions that meet both the seller’s needs and the fund’s investment objectives.

Close investments quickly: We can complete a transaction within 45 to 90 days.